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Thread: Parents really driving me mad

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    Default Parents really driving me mad

    Hi Girls,

    Just need a moan, was supposed to be taking my mum out today dress shopping for the wedding as we're getting her outfit for her. I asked her to get my this morning and we would get the train after I put the kids to school and nursery, I then called her and he hadn't bothered getting ready, this is the 3 or 4th time she has done this when i've asked her to do something wedding related for me the other couple of times is because she's went out the night before and had a hangover that day. Its really starting to stress me out and i'm about to say something to her about it I just to want to be falling out with a couple of month to the wedding. The other time was to do with the hall we're having it in and then to the cake tasting because i thought she'd a liked it and to come see my car. Her and my dad are out at least a couple of times a week at the pub and have not helped with anything towards the wedding but when she was going to Australia last year with her sister for her 50th I organised all the party, gave her spending money and same for my dad's the year before and When my brother got married last year they helped him out i'm getting angrier by the day.

    Should I say something to her. Sorry for the long Moan x

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    That is sad, as it should be a ncie time for mothers and daughters, maybe you should speak to her about it but not necasseraly have a go at her, just let her know how you are feeling, she might not even realise she is doing it?!


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    I would say the same, don't have a go at her, but just tell her how you are feeling. You don't want to fall out with her, particularly not so close to the wedding, but I do think she should know so that she has a chance to get involved before the wedding.

    Sometimes, people don't realise that you want their help or just genuinely aren't as fussed as we are. I know it must be hard given that it's your mum, but maybe she just don't know what effect it's having on you. Is there any reason that she might not want to go shopping for her outfit and is trying to put it off?

    Hope you manage to sort things

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    Stories like this make me feel really sad. Everyone says how weddings should bring the mothers and brides close together, picking dresses, doing invitations etc, and then you have situations like this where it would appear that your mum is being really childish, and it is almost like she is jealous of your day.

    I agree with the other posts, you should be honest with how this is making you feel. Not so much argue about it but explain - and hopefully your mum will come to her senses!

    2nd September 2011

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