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Thread: Photographer and videographer help!!!

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    Unhappy Photographer and videographer help!!!

    I am getting married next year and have just started trying to book my photographer and videographer. All the ones i love are over our budget and I can't seem to find any within our budget that I am TOTALLY in love with. I went to see one today - Graham MacKay. Has anyone ever heard of him or used him? H2B liked him but i'm not 100% convinced. I'm really struggling to narrow them all down and keep within budget as well as get exactly what I want! Any ideas, advice or suggestions would be soooooooo appreciated!

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    Videographer -
    Unfortunately the photographer we used doesn't do weddings...well not yet...he did it as a favour to me !

    Good luck
    Little Tiger Creations

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    photographer - he takes phos up to 9/10pm so you get good shots of dances and night guests! (he also has option of video

    Video -

    thats who we booked anyway

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    We have booked photographer and videographer through the same company Absoltey Fabulous based in Broxburn. Very reasonable priced!!

    Hez xx

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    Hey GroovyKitten,

    We're perhaps out of budget but why not try Limelight Films?

    Based in Edinburgh but can travel.

    Who are you looking at for photography btw?

    Kind Regards and have a FAB day

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