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    Hi Ladies,

    This may sound like an odd short, I was engaged before (a few years ago now), EVERYTHING was booked and dress was ordered, 6 months before the wedding he ended it - totally gutted as you can imagine. That was six years ago and I have recently got engaged to my lovely man of five years. I am so resentful of my ex for taking away that 'first time' you try on a dress that you love for the man you love. I've done it before, and I'm worried it will all be too much. How do I make it an enjoyable experience? I'm getting married in 10 months and haven't even made an appointments.

    It's weird as I'm excited about everything else, just not the dress shopping!


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    my sister had the same experience, but it was as late as 6 weeks before the wedding. I didn't go dress shopping the first time with her, but I was there for when she was engaged again. She didn't seem bothered about shopping for the dress, but when she tried one on with me she said it was even better than the first time round, she loved the dress more! This is a whole new start for you, even better than the first time around. When you try a dress on you will imagine yourself getting married to the man you were always meant to be with, and I think you'll feel butterflies again x

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    I agree with the previous post. You need to get a few appointments booked, make a day of it with your friends and family and get into a few dresses. I'm sure the thought of it is worse than the actual shopping experience and I bet you have much more fun this time round! I also think you'll find a dress you love so much more than the other one you chose which might just be the turning point where you leave all those feelings of resentment behind and move on with your new life and the right man.

    Good luck!

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