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Thread: Sample dress purchase?

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    Default Sample dress purchase?

    I have seen a maggie sottero dress which I love on the website but unfortunately none of the stores in Scotland stock it. I have paid 50 to have a sample dress sent from London but have now been told by the shop it is being discontinued on Monday so if I like it I have to order when I try it on Saturday and maggie sottero will honour the order. I'm worried they may be making this up to pressure me to buy (especially as there have been a lot of negative comments about this shop on the forum) and I don't seem to be able to confirm this with any other shop.
    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated, Saturday will be my first experience of wedding dress shopping and I'm unsure what to expect!!

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    Which shop is it? I know Emma Roy stock Maggie Sottero and might be able to answer your question re discontinuation. I've had an amazing experience using Emma Roy. I would also check prices elsewhere before you order it on Saturday if you do love it. I was in a similar situation - there was a one day 20% sale on Maggie dresses and I had to decide if I wanted it but I had already seen it and shopped around so I didn't feel pressurised.

    There is an online site that does dresses a bit cheaper - they had my Maggie dress about 10% cheaper than Emma Roy but since they did the 20% off deal I got it there. Don't be scared to ask for a discount too! Tell them you can get it cheaper online if need be. Can't remember the name of the site - anyone know the one I mean? It's a shop down south I think...

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    Default Cheaper Maggie Sottero dresses

    Not sure if this is helpful but I own a shop in Edinburgh that sells once-worn and designer sample gowns. I have about 8 or 9 Maggie Sottero dresses in stock including Sa Belle, Hampton, McKenzie, Celine and Brea. They're all immaculate and half the original price. The shop is called Bliss Studio.

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    Is it Just For You Bridal you are thinking of Kattyness?

    Joanned - i would definitely give Emma Roy a phone call as they are receiving the new Maggie Sottero 2011 collection in 2 weeks and so will probably know what current dresses are due to be discontinued. Emma Roy are also offering 20% off any Maggie Sottero dress ordered on the 23rd and 24th of October if that would help you in anyway.

    I hope you amnage to get your dream dress


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