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Thread: Hen Night Disaster!

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    Default Hen Night Disaster!

    Oh I could scream! Sorry ladies, just letting off some steam!

    I have been left to organise my own hen night - not because of bad intentions on behalf of my bridesmaids but just their location and they all have their own stuff on. Anyway, I took it on as otherwise I doubt it would have been done.

    So after emailing round everyone I had loads of people who were being really picky - "I don't want to do this", "That's too far" etc etc - I really felt the stress then as I just felt like I was trying to please everyone, and everyone that was being difficult wasn't really meaning it, but it was still really difficult to balance all the requests and complaints.

    In particular, there are a couple of people that have just delayed and delayed getting back to me - in particular people who needed info to confirm whether they are able to go - but a part of me always felt like "just decide - surely you can work round it when you find out the info?!". I think this wasn't helped by others who said "yes, looking forward to it" right away, but they had similar issues - but they didn't let it bother them you know?

    So anyway, ended up waiting about 1 month between getting original costs for the trip and finally gettiing answers. Just checked the accommodation prices today and they have gone up A LOT! By at least 20 per person. That doesn't sound that much, but some of the people coming, and in fact the people I want there the most, can barely afford it just now, so I think that saying it has gone up in price would mean they couldn't come.

    I have fired off emails right left and centre to other options, and to the original place asking if they can honour the first price I saw - because realistically they will be getting other revenue, eg food in the restaurant and spa fees. Just waiting on them coming back now.

    But at the same time I am just so frustrated at those people that took so long to get back! I feel like they are making it all about them, and then they are also the moany ones that I am dreading saying that the plans have changed (whether that is that the original idea has got more expensive, or that the accomm has changed) - cos I can just imagine them complaining already!!

    How do I not be angry? All I want is a nice weekend with my friends that I hardly see

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    Auuuh honey, i feel for you! It is frustrating when you 're going to all the hassle of organising everything so the weekend's perfect and other people just drag their heels I would put a deadline on it for everyone, fire off another email letting them know the urgency and you need a response by such a time or it'll be too late. That's maybe get their bums in gear As for the company raising their prices, that seems like an awful lot! I take it that its a company organising the whole thing for you? x
    4th June 2011

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    My good friend from uni started to organise her hen do and I agreed to go-why wouldn't I? Anyways as it got closer she just kept adding on more things and it ended up costing around 400 for the weekend. I didn't want to let her down but I also couldn't afford that but I was embarrassed telling her. She ended up falling out with me for not going to her hen do and never invited me to her wedding.

    If you really want to be with all of your friends why not just arrange a dinner? You have already said those who have agreed to come can only just afford it so maybe it is just too expensive. Go and have a spa weekend with yourself and maybe close friends that can afford it and make your hen do a nice restaurant or something.

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    I can see your problem and don't envy you at all! Is it too late to take tootsi4's idea of something with close friends/family then just dinner and dancing for everyone? I haven't organised anything yet but I can see it being a bit of a minefield!

    The last one I went on was all in bits so a few of us did it all and some just came for one or two bits of the day. It added up to over 100 before drinks though and that was just staying in Edinburgh rather than going away anywhere!

    We did:
    Burlesque lesson (about 10 of us)
    Dinner (about 18)
    Show (about 15)
    Club (about 20)

    It was really nice as there was time in between each thing and people came and went as they could so those who had kids just came for dinner, those who were working (or too embarrassed!) didn't come for burlesque lesson.

    Think mine will be left to my lovely BMs and will be fairly low key with plenty opportunity to come and go as people want to. Definitely doing spa during day with just BMs and mums then whatever else.

    K x

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