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Thread: Free make-overs?

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    I'm going to do my own make-up on the day (I've got no money left to pay a pro to do it) but as I'm slightly scared that I'll end up looking like a transvestite, I've decided to go for one of these free makeovers that you can get in the big department stores. My question is, which are the best brands to go for - I think you can get them done at MAC and Space NK, is that right? And do they force you to buy loads of expensive stuff at the end of it?

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    I got free make over on Saturday at the NARS counter in Frasers Glasgow.

    I hadn't planned on it. I was buying make up as a gift for a friend. When I paid the sales asistant had written her number and extension on a piece of paper and said if I'm going out just to give her a call and come into the store and she'd do my make up. As it happened I was going out that night and said does she have time to do it now, and she did.

    She didn't try to sell me any of the make up she used on me. Once she was finished I said I loved the foundation, asked her what colour blush she used and asked about the eye shadows. If I had more spare cash this month I would have loved to buy them. If she pushed I would have probably given in and bought a couple of things. But she didn't at all. She was so nice. I feel so bad that I can't remember her name.

    I've lso had a make over at MAC. You have to book these in advance and pay 25. You can then use the 25 to buy products. Some of the sales assistants here will try for the hard sell.

    I'd definitely recommend the girl at NARS. She actually had a Thank You card from someone for her wedding make up.

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