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    was just wondering if anybody knows the etiquette regarding bridesmaids hair and make up?

    do I organise trials for them as well as myself?

    or do i leave them to it and just pay for hair and make up on the day?

    marie x

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    When my friend got married she paid for our hair to be put up (we didn't have a trial). She had booked a make up artist to come to her house and said if anyone else would like their make up to be done by her we'd have to pay for ourselves. I got the make up artist but the other two bridesmaids did their own.

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    I am a BM in August and I am paying for my own hair and makeup. My friend wanted to pay but I know how expensive things are and they are paying for the whole wedding themselves so I wanted to contribute somehow. I also paid for half of my dress.

    From what I can gather the bride would usually pay for the BM hair and makeup. 3 people in my work are getting married in the next few months and they were all shocked when I said I was paying for things myself!

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    I'm paying for my BMs to have their make up done, but because it's a friend of the family that's doing my hair I've asked the girls to arrange to have their own hair done.
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