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Thread: Anyone been to a GG's Yard wedding??

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    Default Anyone been to a GG's Yard wedding??

    Hey guys - first post having been lurking here for quite a while!

    We've narrowed down our long search to a couple of venues, of which one is GG's Yard in Gatehouse of Fleet.

    We really love it, but one of our major concerns is the sheer size of the venue. It has a capacity of 350 people for the evening reception.

    Our guest list is going to be more like 100-120.

    So we're worried that number will just be drowned and the atmosphere will be rubbish in such a big hall.

    Anyone been at a wedding or been married there who might have a view?

    Much obliged!


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    Hi Matthew
    I'm not sure if you've already booked and are all set up but I just posted a message on the forums under General and Venues for a venue a friend of mine has had to cancel for this coming August - 24th. It's in a Castle in a countryside location with stunning backdrops onto Tinto Hill (not so far from Dumfries & G) for fab Wedding photos. It's not GG's Yard but if they were too big, Cornhill Castle was for 120 so could be a possibility? Feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to help. Or feel free to ask if you need help with your Honeymoon

    All the best


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