I'm on a proper budget for my wedding (which is now less than 4 months away!) and I still don't have a dress! I went to a couple of budget dress shops with my sister not expecting anything special but ended up finding my absolute dream dress in Wed2B. Got very excited only to find out it was still 700 which is not exactly budget in my eyes (maybe I'm just a cheapskate?) and now nothing at all can compare! The dress is completely unlike anything I had in mind and I've looked at other places and just cannot find anything at all. I now have very specific requirements for my dress that I didn't have before as well! My fiancee is insisting that we go ahead and spend the money on it seeing as I love it so much but I don't know where he thinks the money is going to materialise from. Anyone got any tips on where I can find a dress for around 400 (which was my original upper limit) whether it's a sample sale or a budget shop or anything? Getting very concerned that I'm going to become way too fixated on this dress to focus on anything else at this point!