Hello All

I just recently got engaged and I am feeling a bit over whelmed looking at venues.

My choices so far are Ross Priory (number 1 choice), ive been to a few events here and really likee everything about it. The only downside is the the dining room is pretty cosy and i would like it to be more spread out. However I feel like i may need to compromise on this as i love everything else.

2. Culcreuch Castle (fintry)
3. Gean House (alloa)
4. Lodge on Loch Lomond (Luss)

Other options I have looked at are above, im basically wanting something to hold 60-70 day guests, with an additional number of people in the evening. I would like something quite private, however I dont want to be paying OTT prices for something exclusive.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I am based in Glasgow but our families all stay in the Balloch/Stirlingshire area.