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Thread: Recommendations: DJ in the Borders area

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    Smile Recommendations: DJ in the Borders area

    Hi - we're looking for a DJ for a wedding near Kelso.

    We don't want anyone with a lot of cheesy patter - looking for someone who can keep the evening flowing with music rather than lots of banter. It's very much a family wedding, so all ages will be there. And we're inviting guests to tell us what songs they'd like to dance to, so hoping to find someone who is up for accommodating that.

    Any recommendations based on experience would be welcome!


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    Hi OneTimeBride, I am based in Glasgow but cover the whole of Scotland and am regularly over that way. I was at Kippilaw house in Melrose just a few weeks ago.

    Feel free to get in touch or check out my site and

    From experience, if you are asking guests to submit songs for your party I would word it 'What song would you like to dance to?'. I you ask them their favourite song or 'what song would you like to hear' etc. then you tend to get quite an eccentric list which doesn't usually translate to a good party atmosphere as a lot of it can be slow or relatively unknown/specialist songs whereas if you ask people what they would like to dance to they answer thinking from a party/fun time perspective. Hope that's a wee help

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    Hey Graham - thanks so much for your reply!

    I have indeed used that wording And made it clear I'm still in charge of whether their requests get through!

    I'll have a look at your website, thank you.

    Best wishes


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