Selling bits and pieces from my wedding last summer.

Hanging Lanterns:
Lanterns bought from The Hanging Lantern Company to decorate wedding marquee. In excellent condition. 50 lanterns altogether which come in 3 sizes - 20", 16" and 12" diameter. Four colours, ivory, robin egg, light yellow and navy blue. Colours and sizes worked out by staff at The Hanging Lantern Company when given marquee size 9m x 18m to seat 120 guests. Most lanterns now have transparent fishing line and crocodile clips attached for easier hanging. There is spare fishing line included. We also have buttonlites which can be hung inside the lanterns for a lit up effect in the evening which are included. We put the lanterns up ourselves the night before the wedding and they looked stunning. Bought for 207.95 - looking for 50. Please see photos attached and feel free to drop a message if any questions.

White Paper Candle Bags:
Bags bought to line path at wedding reception. Surplus supply. 20 bags to sell in 4 packs of 5. Packs unopened, non-inflammable, 100% biodegradable paper. Require 1 tealight each bag for effect and a few stones to weigh bag down. 10" tall, 5" wide. Weight 109g. Bought from Sky Lantern Company - original. 2 per pack.

Glass Jar Candle Holders.
13 glass jar candle holders for table decoration or hanging on branches, shrubs etc. Heart motif on each jar, wire handles to make hanging easy. Holders fit single tea light. 5 for all.
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