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Thread: Dress stress, itís too big!!

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    Default Dress stress, itís too big!!

    Hello I am looking for some advice/opinions.

    I bought my dress in September. I knew then I wanted to loose weight but I had not managed to start. The shop said that I should order a 24 but I said I wanted to loose weight so my dress was ordered in a 20. (I was a 16/18 in the shops.) Since October I have lost over 2 stone and aim to loose another 2 before my wedding in June. When the dress came in it was massive on. Even the elastic around the back would not hold it up. I am really worried about it as I still want to loose more weight for my own happiness.

    I took it to a seamstress to get an opinion. She said she can alter it but it will be a big job and she cannot guarantee that it will have the same shape particularly around the bust. I am worried I am at risk of losing the look of the dress and certain features that I love about it.

    Should I take the risk and have it altered or try to re order a smaller size in time for my June wedding?

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    Have you had an estimated price for the alterations? Also, did you say to the seamstress that you are trying to lose more weight, so that she could advise if an even bigger alteration would be possible - I think they usually reckon to be able to take down 2 sizes. I suppose it may come down to whether you can afford to buy another dress - any chance of the shop doing a deal/buying back the first dress? Well done on your weight loss but remember to stop while you are still happy.

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