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Thread: Looking for a reasonably nice venue on a small budget

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    Default Looking for a reasonably nice venue on a small budget

    Hi everyone I was hoping folks here might have some ideas for my partner and I, we've been together 6 and a half years (engaged for 4) and we've finally saved up enough to have a small wedding ceremony and honeymoon in the summer of 2018.

    Our problem is that we're struggling to find a venue that's within our budget, neither of us want a great big fancy white wedding do. We'd rather have a ceremony, a meal and to be honest might just take over a pub for the evening rather than staying in the venue. Our budget is around 4k and we'd be looking for something as close to our home in Falkirk as possible (all of our family are here too and we have elderly relatives that might struggle to go very far afield). There'd be no more than 25 people for the ceremony and meal.

    We really don't have the first clue what's out there, we looked at the likes of Gelnbervie but venues like this are probably a bit much for us. We've also looked into the Falkirk stadium which isn't very glam but it'd be cheap, the problem with this is that my partner hates football and I love football so it wouldn't be the most neutral venue we could get I think.

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    Oh I see it may be a problem when people are restricted within the budget.. I know that home-made weddings are raising their popularity again so you may try organise it on your own. And anyway it's cheaper to hire an assistant than renting the whole venue for just one day (stadium is a bit weird idea also). For example if i'm not mistaken this agency has reasonable prices and may help you with the wedding organisation

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