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Thread: Mobile Bar Advice Please!

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    We're getting married in Edinburgh in October next year in a barn venue - a large part of our choice in venue was the idea of doing things our own way and not being shepherded into things we didn't want by a venue. We've found a fantastic caterer, but unfortunately what they offer for a bar is really poor and very expensive. Other mobile bar companies we've tried have a better selection but again are too expensive - charging 6.50 for a large glass of wine that I know costs 7 per bottle.

    Most of our guests are travelling quite far as my partner is from Cornwall, so this is already expensive - we're really keen they don't spend an absolute fortune once they're at the wedding, too. We can't afford to put up a free bar (and these tend to be taken advantage of anyway), but what we want is a reasonably priced mobile cash bar with a decent selection.

    I'd really, really appreciate any suggestions!

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    Try in Edinburgh. Not sure of prices but lovely guys, nothing is too much trouble. Last worked with them in a barn in Fife, so they know the routine

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    Reel Time Events run good bars and are very professional. Seem to remember their prices being reasonable too.

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