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Thread: Hair and Make-up Inverness

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    Default Hair and Make-up Inverness

    Please help ladies!
    I am looking for a mobile hair and make up artist to come to my hotel on the morning of the wedding for me, two bridesmaids, a flower girl and 2 mums. So far I have been quoted 60 for me, 45 each bridesmaid, 15 for flower girl and 30 for mums plus a 50 call out charge to come to the hotel. Total for hair alone - 275
    I just feel this is far too much. Am I being unrealistic?

    would anyone be able to recommend someone more reasonable or someone they know who would be happy to travel to Inverness.
    Many thanks!

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    I'm going to make my hair and makeup on my own. I want something simple and beautiful, and don't spend much money and time on it (I would rather spend them on my honeymoon). For my hair, I'm gonna do light curls (I've tried with the help of a hot air brush, and I like how it turned out) and then style them to get something like this.
    I am not sure, which hot air brush to use, still choosing and reading reviews on Monica Davis blog. But for sure, I will have this natural cat-eye makeup (also, nothing difficult and at the same time very beautiful), which I think will be perfect with the hair and my dress.

    Hope this was helpful!

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