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Thread: intimate wedding advice - help!

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    Default intimate wedding advice - help!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just looking for a bit of advice! Me and my fiancÚ got engaged last year, and we have booked our wedding for next June. Everything is booked and sorted, however we have both had a change of heart and have decided that actually we don't want a big white wedding anymore! We are quite private people and we love the outdoors. We don't mind partying, but we would much rather be sat outside with the firepit lit with a glass of wine. We have only paid deposits so far, so we aren't too fussed about loosing them. I've started trailing the internet looking for suitable venues but I'm really struggling! All we really need is somewhere for around 15-20 people, with space outdoors so we can have a barbeque in the evening, and with accommodation either onsite or nearby. Everywhere I have emailed so far is quoting more money than our big white wedding with 80 day guests, which just seems ludicrous to me! So does anyone have any ideas or tips that would help? Many thanks everyone!

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    Two recent venues I've performed at that fit your bill are Kinlochard Village Hall and Venachar Lochside

    Both are in stunning locations - the forum isn't allowing me to c&p the youtube links but if you go to the venue pages on my website you can see the surroundings of both at the beginning of each video.

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    What about finding a field with a friendly farmer or a self-catering rental in the country and putting a big yurt or some bell tents in it? You can get some big ones that would have enough space and you could have a firepit outside.

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