Hiya 👋🏻 newbie here!
I'm waaaay in the early stages of planning (despite being engaged for a while because the stress of planning had become very very clear 😂 😭 ) - just starting to visit some venues - but one thing I definitely know is that I want to make my own invites.
Here's my problem(s);
- I'm like ridiculously obsessive about getting them perfect but I have NEVER done anything like this in my life
- I know exactly what I want them to look like style-wise (wording and design still not sure, thinking I might go down the Canva route?)

So I'm thinking it might be easier for me to use a basic A4 card and cut to sizes for my pieces using a guillotine but after a bit of research I've worked out the sizes I need to cut for my pieces are B6 A6 A7 to fit a C5 main envelope and a C7 RSVP envelope - does any of this make sense to anyone or am I legitimately losing my mind? I feel like I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be - should I just buy pre-sized blanks? ...this leads nicely into my next dilemma.
I'm a bit clueless about printing but I want to do it at home if possible - anyone out there with experience of printing on smaller sizes (like B series - B SERIES!? Say whaaat!? 😲 - and the smaller ones like A7 or just generally how to print on anything other than a standard A4 piece of white paper 😫 ) of card using an at home printer who can help a sis out? 😩

Sorry for the rambling post...I sooooo needed to get all that out of my brain because the numbers and dimensions are literally taking over my life!