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Thread: Scottish Wedding for 14000 - Is my budget realistic?

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    Default Scottish Wedding for 14000 - Is my budget realistic?

    My fiancee and I just got engaged and are hoping to get married in September 2018. We are in the early stages of planning and still looking for a venue.
    Any of our savings that we don't spend on the wedding will go towards buying a house. We are hoping to spend a total of 14000 (without the honeymoon).
    The wedding will take place in Scotland and the theme we are thinking of is Scottish / Boho / Foresty. We are hoping to have a humanist ceremony it in a castle or manor. 35 people at the ceremony and 60 at the reception
    I have created a budget and was hoping someone could take a look at it and tell me if it is realistic.

    Venue, Ceremony - 500
    Venue (reception) -3200
    Wedding Breakfast (including food, service, flatware, stemware, china, etc.) - 1000
    Beverage during Wedding Breakfast )including corkage) -250
    Evening Buffet (including food, service, flatware, stemware, china, etc.) - 790
    bartending/Beverage (including service, alcohol, glassware, etc.) -950
    Cake/Dessert - 170
    Marriage License -70
    Officiant - 420
    Photographer - 1190
    Videographer - 1190
    Flowers - 560
    Other Decor - 300
    rentals (chairs, tables, linens) -140
    Website - 20
    Homemade Invitations (including RSVP cards) - 30
    Homemade Place Settings / Menus -30
    Homemade Order of the day -20
    Postage -60
    Wedding Dress made by mum - 500
    Bride accessories - 150
    Lingerie - 50
    Hair and makeup (just me) - 100
    Bridesmaids (3) - 225
    Wedding Bands - 400
    Groom Kilt - 150
    Groom Accessories - 95
    Best Man - 80
    Piper - 150
    Ceilidh /DJ -550
    DIY Photobooth - 150
    Transportation - 450
    gifts, favours, extra fees, etc. - 100
    Emergency fund - 140

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    Budget looks fine, perhaps focus on getting a good deal on your venue, alot of venue have packages that'll fit your numbers.

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    I would maybe up your venue budget a bit based on my experiences. It might be possible to get a good deal on a mid-week wedding that helps with that though. Do you definitely need a videographer? Maybe you could knock the cost of that off and put it towards venue if you are definitely keen to have a weekend wedding.

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    You maybe don't need to budget anything for your's really easy to do it yourself with sites like wixcom or squarespace; so that'll save you 20 quid - every little helps.
    I'm in the super early planning stages and your budget looks realistic to me; we're probably having 120 for the day plus an additional 30 at night and are hoping to get it done for 18-19K.

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