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Thread: Wedding dress/budget

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    Default Wedding dress/budget

    After looking on websites/forums etc, I'm stressing that I won't be able to find a nice dress within my budget (hopefully 800, but 1000 MAXIMUM). I haven't been dress shopping yet but will be going to Edinburgh or maybe Glasgow.

    I saw some of the David's Bridal dresses at the Scottish Wedding Show and they were beautiful, does anyone know their price ranges?

    Also, Emma Roy has been recommended, does anyone have any experience of this?

    And I know about Wed2B, but I would like to have a boutique experience.

    The only thing is, the types of dresses I like seem to be very expensive (I like lace/chiffon boho dresses like the Grace Loves Lace ones)

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    I got my dress from Emma Roy in Edinburgh though I didn't have the typical dress shopping experience. Mine was an ex-display sample on display in the window, my mum saw it, text me a picture and I told her to buy me it. Though she said she wasn't buying me a dress I'd never tried on. The staff were good and agreed to hold it for me with a deposit and if I didn't like it I could buy something else in store - confidently they were having a huge sale the following Sunday. Went, tried it on, took it home the same day. Reduced from 1550 to 500 (can PM pics if you like, it's stunning).

    They did have some good bargains (I think they have an annual sale around February) and usually always some sort of ex-display gown in the window. They had a wide selection so I think you'll find something you're looking for - they definitely had lace.

    The only small issue I had was on sale day it was heaving and the staff who were taking brides down to select dresses didn't exactly stick to the order customers arrived in which started pissing folk off because it was so busy and some folk had waited quite a while. I've known a few other girls who booked proper appointments on not sale days and said their experiences were fantastic and the staff were very attentive and helpful.
    They also offer an alterations package with the dress which is handy (but if your wedding is more than 6 months away, you'll have to take your dress away with you and bring it back). It would be worthwhile following their Facebook page as they occasionally advertise trunk shows and discounts, I found it to be more helpful than their actual website (which doesn't have any indication of price on it).

    I'd say it is definitely worth a visit. Hope this helps.

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    I would highly recomend Sarah Louise Bridal in Glasgow... All reviews I had read had made it out to be quite expensive ( I went to 15 shops in total!! felt like giving up lol) then tried Sarah Louise as a last resort!!.. LOVE this shop, got my dream dress! Reasonable prices, they didnt try and make you try on any outwith budget, very friendly staff, gorgeous dresses! They actually found me one under my budget for 1,250 which I know is slightly over your budget but I dont think they had me in one more than that, allI tried on were 1000 or under so would highly reccomend!! x

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