Hoping for some nuggets of advice from other brides who have been through, or are experiencing, a similar dilemma.

In short - my mum recently paid a chunky deposit for my Dec 17 wedding dress and I'm pretty sure I'm having a change of heart. I loved it on the day but it's not the style (off shoulder, crepe, high back) I had intended on (long sleeve, satin, bias cut) and my mind keeps wandering back to the latter. I have clean lines, modern and minimalist in my head and the deposited dress, whilst not a million miles away from this, isn't quite the fit, cut and fabric I had imagined when I look back at photos (won't have dress in hand till Aug approx.) I am speaking to an alterations place re a little jacket, sleeves, cape etc but it's looking costly and I'm not sure if even do-able - think it would be more cost effective to start again.

I think my mum will be upset at the loss of money but also the fact that she visited Scotland (as she lives down South) especially for the shopping trips and really enjoyed it, so any change will ruin her memory of that. I'm having some father anxiety about the day itself so think this is probably manifesting itself in this dress dilemma, and are a worrier / over thinker at the best of times (so much so my bridesmaid anticipated I would wobble re dress - not told her that she was right about this yet), so can't get a sense of whether this is a proportionate and expected reaction, and what to do next to move forward either way feel sick and not sleeping properly whilst obsessing over this, with no one to really talk about it with.

All advice welcome. Thanks x