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Thread: Help with music for piper

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    Smile Help with music for piper

    I have a piper (a family friend) playing at our wedding and I need to suggest some songs for him. Trouble is I am not sure what.....

    I was thinking of asking him to 'freestyle' for he guts arriving. Just anything fancies really. Then I need a song for us walking down the aisle once we are married which I think should be jumpy light and breezy (if there is such a thing) and then a song to be piped in for dinner.

    Any help would be great.

    I like Highland Cathedral. I know this is a 'funeral' song but can it be played??

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    Nothing wrong with Highland Cathedral at a wedding.... that and Caledonia are often requested. Lochanside, The Atholl Highlanders, Mairi's Wedding, The Highland Laddie are all nice for your recessional. Hope that helps. George

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