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Thread: What does DIY mean?

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    Default What does DIY mean?

    Strange question, not really advice, but I was wondering what people's idea of a DIY Wedding was?

    I think of it as not paying a wedding planner to organise a wedding for you (so sourcing your own suppliers) and making/designing/choosing your own decorations, which I think most people do unless they are super rich??? I guess you could also add on having a friend make the cake and do the flowers as well?

    However, people seem to talk about it like its a really big deal, so I was thinking I must have it wrong?

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    Good question! I***8217;d say it can mean anything on a broad spectrum, all the way from making your own decorations ***8211; as we showed you at in our pumpkin wedding centrepiece tutorial ***8211; to, yes, just organising stuff yourself rather than having a coordinator make it. It***8217;s often something you think about when booking a ***8216;blank canvas***8217; venue, where you have to dress the space yourself ***8211; sometimes with the help of the team there ***8211; rather than going into a more formal venue such as a hotel or castle.

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