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Thread: Kilt Hire needed for wedding in England - Advice please!

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    Default Kilt Hire needed for wedding in England - Advice please!

    Hi Ladies!

    I'm getting married in the South of England, however as FI is Scottish, all the males in the wedding party are wearing kilts. We need 9 in total, for Gents based in Glasgow, London and The South Coast.

    I was hoping for advice on how hiring kilts works when you are not based/getting married in Scotland. I can imagine you guys have lots of choice up there, but I'm not sure its as easy down here.

    Any experiences of hire kilts for weddings outside Scotland would be great!

    But I have some general questions as well:

    - Do chains such as Moss Bross and Debenhams send kilts to other branches? e.g. send them down from Scotland.
    - Do Chains such as the above have a good selection of kilts?
    - If a more independent seller is used, how long is the hire? Can they send them over the country? Is that more expensive?
    - Do you think independent sellers are better than the chains?
    - Average price of hire?
    - Do the guys all need to be there for the fitting appointment?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    An English Bride. Xxx

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    I'm not sure if you've solved this already but Slaters should be able to help you. A friend of mine got married in Scotland but some of her grooms and page boys were located in England. They went to their nearest Slaters and advised the tartan, etc they needed chosen. They were fitted and ordered so they could collect prior to the big day.

    City Girl
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    Hello English Bride,

    We are based in Scotland but we are in London fortnightly for kilt fittings and we would be delighted to fit your fiancÚ and his party! We have a deal that means for every 5 hires, the most expensive (i.e, your fiancÚ) will be free. We have a wide range of hire options available!

    Here is our kilt hire page:

    And our London page with dates:

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, just email
    MacGregor and MacDuff
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