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    Hey guys!!
    I had a make up trial and MUA was booked last summer. Trial in January. I looked at her pics and chose two styles I liked and explained how I wore my make up, I like brown natural colours. She used brown but it was more tan brown. Oh my goodness it was orange. Don't get me wrong it was flawless but waaaaay too heavy and not what I expected. One BM said her eyes were too dark for a summer wedding and another thought it was too heavy for a wedding. The other two loved theirs. They're all paying for their own so I'm not dictating who they go to. I messaged the MUA and explained my make up was too heavy. I told her when she was there that the look she'd done wasn't what I wanted and I didn't like the colours. She told me to sit with it for the day and we could do another trial. When I messaged her that night she said she'd have softened it for me if I'd said (??). I told her the blusher was too heavy but she assured me it was fine. She used too end products so everything stayed well but I just looked absolutely caked in make up.

    She said I've to go for a trial and she will book out the whole 90 minutes and sit and discuss colours and styles before we even lift a brush. I sent pics of what I like and she said they were lovely and she could do that look very easily. She was very nice and understanding. Only thing is she is charging me the full amount again for the trial. She didn't spend 90 minutes with me in the first trial, she didn't talk extensively about colours, I was in the chair and she was battering in after a very short discussion. If she'd done that I wouldn't need another trial. Is this my fault? Would you pay for another trial? I assumed if a trial was supposed to involve a full consultation and 90 minutes I'd have received that in the first instance?

    I have a back up MUA who did my MU for a night out once and I loved it! Her bridal make up looks exactly like what I want. She's slightly cheaper too but it might be awkward with 2 different MUAs. If I get another trial with the original MUA and still don't like it, I'm 60 out of pocket.

    I'm just a bit confused. Thanks for reading!

    Any advice?

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    I think you are within your rights to point that out to her. If thats an option for a consultation then she should have offered it in the first place. The last thing you want is to be worried about how it ends up on the day.

    It might also be worth speaking with your bridesmaids to let them know how you feel as they might be open to switching to the other mua. It is your wedding after all!

    Hope you get it sorted xx

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