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Thread: Wedding invite recommendations

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    Default Wedding invite recommendations

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for recommendations for a wedding invite designer/supplier.
    I'm wanting to find someone in Edinburgh (or Scotland, as I'm sure I can do it all via email), that will do a bespoke watercolour/paint floral pattern for me (I haven't seen any floral pattern already out there that works for my theme), and also work up and print the invites for us.

    The few places I'v googled that do bespoke, seem to specialize in bows, ribbons & sparkly bits, which I don't want.


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    We used Sixpenny Blue and they were amazing! Still got to get the rest of our stationary but we are arranging our wedding from Oz and the whole process was really easy with great communication.
    Not sure if they can do what you want but might be with asking

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