Over the past few years I have really noticed Brides attitudes towards their entertainment change and for the better. Years ago aslong as you had a proven track record of keeping the dancefloor busy then you were doing a great job but now couples are looking more and more for the FULL PACKAGE. The customer service (which I think should be a given for any supplier you book) but also the look of their disco/band.

It is great to see so many DJs and Bands have paid attention and the quality of some setups available now is second to non. It fills me with pride when I set up in a really nice 4/5 star venue and the co-ordinator compliments me on the lighting and asthetic of the setup, but it also makes me think there must still be people showing up with sub standard/poor looking and sounding equipment which I personally think can ruin the fine detail of a Wedding. I know alot of couples spend ages deciding colour schemes, place settings, centre pieces etc. and my aim is to always fit seamlessly within that design.

I would be interested to know brides thoughts on this matter. Obviously someone who can read a crowd and keep you and your guests happy and dancing is the top priority of any disco, but do you think asthetically how it looks is important or is it not something you consider/bother about?

Best Regards