10 Tip on picking an wedding officiant

Do you believe the officiant will be able to convey the essence of the bond shared by you and your beloved?

Do you feel comfortable stating your preferences to the officiant - even those which seem insignificant or silly?

Do you like the sound of the officiant's voice?

Do you trust the officiant to inspire you and your guests, as she honors the sanctity of your loving union without trying to convert you or your guests to her religion?

Does the officiant have a verifiable history of performing the kind of wedding you desire whether same-sex, spiritual, interfaith, secular or some unique combination of all of the above?

Is the officiant willing to take the time to get to know you and craft a personalized wedding ceremony which celebrates your distinct love story for your word for word approval?

Does the officiant have professional voice training so that she can deliver your ceremony with meaning and impact?

Does the officiant offer proven strategies to enhance your communication and connection with each other?

Do you believe the officiant has the gravitas to hold you and your guests’ attention as you experience this once in a lifetime tribute to the love that has so powerfully changed your life?

Are you confident that the officiant has the emotional intelligence and practical skills to help you navigate ceremony logistics?

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