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Thread: Looking for a pianist to make a CD.

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    Default Looking for a pianist to make a CD.

    Hi there.

    Bit of a strange one really. We are having a small wedding (only about 20 of us) so the plan is to have a CD of songs playing in the background.
    They are all going to be played on a piano with no vocals.

    We are looking for about 40 different songs and it is quite an eclectic mix.
    Examples include: Ghostbusters theme tune, "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica, "Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Harum and "Highland Cathedral".

    Would anyone be able to recommend someone willing to this as most people are put off by the fact that we are not wanting an actual pianist, just a CD of them playing our songs.
    We would be willing to scale down the CD to 30 songs if necessary.

    Is there anyone who can help at all??

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hiya, my partner is a musician and has done session work in the past. You'll be cheaper just hiring a pianist.
    To make a CD you'll have to:

    1. Pay the pianist for his time in the studio and practice time learning all the songs.
    2. Pay for a studio session to lay down the tracks, the engineer to have them recorded and mastered etc you are talking about 350 to book a single session in a decent studio.

    If you can find someone willing to record in their own home you might be okay, butility then actual quality isn't guaranteed and alot of work will have to go into learning the tracks and laying them down.

    I would probably try and source good or slightly diffrent versions of these songs on iTunes and buy them to put on a play list xx

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    Hi, I play at weddings and events all the time, and can tell you that it would be much cheaper to hire a pianist for the day rather than arrange for a recording. A full day studio hire plus the pianists sessions fee would work out more, and with the amount of songs you want it might even take two days!

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