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Thread: Printing rights from your photographer

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    Default Printing rights from your photographer

    Hi Brides to be,

    I am looking for a wedding photographer and have noticed for some that their package does not include printing rights of their high resolution images and you have to pay extra to have this included or you can only go back to the photographer for your friends and family to have these printed.

    Does anyone else have this issue? How much is your photographer to print out a standard sized photo at a high resolution if this is the case?

    Thank you!

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    Hi MrsLBtobe

    It could just be an oversight. As I wonder why they would offer you the Hi-Res images in the first place because you only need them if you are intending to print.

    I have seen some of those too-good-to-be-true "deals" on groupon where you are only supplied Lo-Res images and you have to pay a lot more for the Hi-Res ones as an "upgrade"? At first you think you are getting a deal until you check all the extras.

    My contract simply states that you have to obtain written permission from me to print them. That is just to protect my work so that not everyone who obtains the digital images can then reproduce them. But if you download them from my Client Image Database then such a license is granted to you automatically.

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    Mrs LtoBe, I think most photographers grant you the right to make prints/copies for personal purposes. So you can print as many as you wish, unless you are going to use it for bussiness means (advertising etc, generally when you make money out of the pics). The same applies to your wedding guests- they can print from your disc or you can print for them.

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    I was also wondering this so thanx for posting! Crazy to pay so much and then be told you can't print them, I thought that seemed a bt ridiculus to be honest! I'm getting just digital in my package then Ill be of to Boots with me USB stick

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