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Thread: Bothwell Bridge Hotel?

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    Default Bothwell Bridge Hotel?

    Hi everyone

    After months of searching we think we've decided on Bothwell Bridge.

    Has anyone booked/booking there?


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    Hi Jooliewoolie, I had my wedding reception there last year and cannot recommend enough - a decision you won't regret. They were fantastic with everything and it all went smoothly. The only hitch was with the cake which wasn't their fault (was the suppliers fault - still quite a bitter memory for me) but they fixed it. Steven the wedding co-ordinator is fantastic and even though there were two receptions on at the same time you would never know. The food was amazing and the bar staff went above and beyond with our guests - people I speak to who attended the wedding still rave about it to this day. I never got married there so can't comment on that but on our viewing I thought it would of been lovely having the ceremony there too. xxx

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