Hello all you lovely SWD Brides and Grooms, hope the force is strong with your wedding planning today.

We thought our most recent blog post has some food for thought if you had ever thought about a photo booth, we have some experience to share along with a huge discovery we have made that could make or break the success of your evening entertainment.

Firstly, here are our top 3 reasons we believe an Open Air style photo booth is better than an enclosed.

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1 - It creates a shared experience that benefits everyone and even the shy, nobody is left out.

2 - You can fit more than double the amount of people than an enclosed photo booth along with various options for backdrops not possible with an enclosed photo booth.

3 - The overall experience is more entertaining, thrilling and memorable for both you and your guests, that is what it is all about.

Full Blog Post - http://www.oddboxphotobooth.co.uk/wh...hs-are-better/

Check out the full blog post to find out why we are so sure this is the case and why you should be looking into the pro's and cons so you and your guests can have the most memorable experience possible, hope you have a lovely day guys and good luck with the wedding planning, one step at a time.