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Thread: Can't stop crying!

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    Hello ladies! I've been following SWD forums for a while, but not posted very much, so hello everyone! I love the site an reading about everyone's big days. Our wedding is now less than 8 weeks away, and everything seems to be making me so emotional! I honestly couldn't be happier, but literally the smallest thing can set me off! I know that if things don't change I will no doubt spend my whole day in tears, and although these will be happy tears, I would like to avoid this as far as possible! Please can any brides give me your tips? Thanks so much! Off for another blub.....! x

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    It may seem little but to stop myself crying I start running through a favourite movie in my head. Right from the starting credits, through to what the characters say to each other and what happens in each scene. It distracts me enough to help me hold it together!

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    Aaw i was the same, anytime I pictured the ceremony & thinking of walking down to hubby I started to well up & on the day when I walked in I could feel myself start but managed to compose myself, try find something to focus on (it sounds daft i know seeing as your to focus on the ceremony/getting married etc) but find a focus point whether its a picture, an object there, or someone else to look at to try ease you & to calm you down

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