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Thread: Invitations - all wrong!

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    Default Invitations - all wrong!

    Thought we would save some money by designing our own and printing via a website.

    Just received our invites from a website that we ordered from. We ordered the evening and day invites in the same order and attached two csv files with names for each. We named the files clearly with 'day_invite', 'evening_invite' and 'day_list' 'evening_list'. We also sent very specific instructions about wanting 60 day and 30 evening.

    I don't know how they managed this but we've ended up with 30 day and 60 evening and with the personalised names printed the wrong way round! So evening guests are on the day and the day are on the evening. And they are closed over the weekend! Felt the need to rant!

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    What a nightmare!!! Hopefully they will sort in on Monday for you, and your invites will only be a couple days late!

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