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Thread: Burj Khalifa High Tea Dubai

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    Default Burj Khalifa High Tea Dubai

    Was wondering if anyone has done high tea at the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai?

    I am going there in a few weeks for my wifes 30th and we are looking to book it. Some reviews are great and some are saying the service is poor. I understand it is very expensive but I am looking at it that you are getting an attraction and a meal thrown in for the price so though it is expensive, it does have some value in it rather than just going up the likes of the empire state building etc.

    Does anyone have any experience of it. Is it literally just tea and sandwiches or do they serve alcohol too?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    This is quite a good summary, and also has a menu: http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.c...khalifa-dubai/

    I haven't been there for high tea, but have done drinks there a couple of times (in fact, it was where my husband proposed!). On both occasions, service has been very good - attentive and friendly, and reasonably efficient. It's not cheap - but you pay so much to go up to the viewing deck that I actually think it's better value to go and have drinks/a meal. When you make the booking, I'd let them know that its your wife's 30th.

    (By way of example - my husband booked a table weeks in advance and told them he was planning to propose. When we arrived, they didn't have our reservation... because he had accidentally booked for a month later! They were fine about it and showed us up anyway - he, unbeknown to me, panicked as he had arranged champagne etc, so snuck off to speak to them as soon as we arrived. They had already looked at our future reservation, made a note of what he had requested and started to arrange it, and asked if he had any specific way he wanted to give me the ring - when he looked a bit confused/worried, they offered to present it in a chocolate sphere set on a bed of red rose petals and brought it to the table under a silver cloche on his signal. And then they brought a complimentary dessert which had a white chocolate "congratulations" plaque on it! Not bad service!!)

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