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Thread: Has anyone used this company?

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    Default Has anyone used this company?

    Hi everyone

    I was looking online at getting my roof coated and came across this website , has anyone used them before? Their prices seem a bit too good to be true tbh compared to a quote I got last year.


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    Hi Natasha, I tried clicking the link in your forum post but I was unable to see a website, perhaps it is offline? Anyway, if you are looking for roof coating material. I would recommend SP Group. They are just across the water in Northern Ireland but deliver in 24 hours all over the UK. Here is more information about their Roofcoat Sealer which is what i think you are looking for? -Acrylic roof paint ready for use on flat roofs, pitched roofs, weathered asphalt and bituminous substrates, gutters, concrete, brickwork, fiberglass, felt and metal. Hope that helps you out? Good luck...

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