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Thread: Budget/fiance issues (sort of)?

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    Default Budget/fiance issues (sort of)?

    So I'm 7 months away from my wedding, venue booked, dress bought and starting to bring the rest of the pieces together. Since I'm still a student, my (amazing) parents are paying for most of the wedding. I feel pretty guilty sometimes but I know they're happy to do it. I think my fiancé feels quite nervous about it though since there's no contribution coming from his side (his mum doesn't work and his dad passed away a few years ago), which is totally understandable, but I thought we were fine with it. The thing is, I don't think he actually realised before how much things actually cost - even though we're picking fairly cheap options generally. We just came up with a rough estimate for the rest of what we want (I reckon that, along with the stuff we've already booked/paid for the entire wedding will come to about £8.5k).
    Earlier today, my fiancé asked me if I was okay with everything we were planning so far, which I thought was sweet of him. Then later I asked him the same, and he got all quiet (he's not good at talking about serious things...) and started saying that he wouldn't mind having something smaller/simpler, but he knows its my day too and all that. I tried to ask him how we could make it smaller or more intimate but he didn't really give any answers (we have 60 guests, all family and close friends). Our venue is already booked! And I don't know what we can realistically do at this point! Also I don't think I want to change anything, but now I feel really anxious that we're doing something he doesn't want (and also slightly freaking out about the money my parents are spending on us but that's standard). I think the main trigger was the photographer I really want who costs about £750, which (having looked at a LOT of photographers) I think is actually pretty reasonable! I just hate that this has come up now when we've been planning for so long.
    Any advice is appreciated (but mostly I just wanted to rant).

    Edit: he now says he would prefer just getting married at a registry office and having a reception in the evening.
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