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Thread: Ceremony Music - Pianist - Asking someone you know...

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    Question Ceremony Music - Pianist - Asking someone you know...

    I would like a pianist for our guests' arrival, ceremony and bubbles and canapés. Around 3 to 4 hours in total. In Glasgow.

    Has anyone had something similar? What was the cost?

    I work with a very talented music teacher who I have been thinking about asking to play, but would want to offer a realistic payment (wouldn't want to insult them!). Also wondering if anyone has done anything similar to this, did it work out?


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    I've not booked a pianst for my wedding but my sister-in-law had one at her wedding in May and he was rather pricey for a few hours, around the £400 mark I think.

    I have booked an old work colleague's son as my piper (something he does as a hobby) though. I got his email address and firstly just asked him if he was willing to do it and mentioned that we would obviously pay him and let him suggest a price. Like you, I didn't want to mention a figure and cause insult but he's only asked for £100 for the whole day. I would say you have nothing to lose by asking the music teacher, the worst thing they can do is say no. They might be flattered to be asked to be a part of your day.

    I also know you can hire students from the Royal Conservatoire who will play for you and I believe they are very reasonably priced and are brilliant musicians. Perhaps that could be an option? Here's a link to their website..

    Hope you manage to sort something out.

    E x

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    As a celebrant, I get to hear lots of pianists, and my favourite, both for the range of his musical ability and the warmth of his personality is Alex Graham. He's based in Glasgow but is happy to travel and you can find his site here


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    Check out Andy Lucas, he is fab!

    Some of us wedding DJ's offer the service of being in control of the music for your wedding ceremony using very professional, discreet sound equipment with music that you pre select. Just giving the options but Andy Lucas is fab!
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