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Thread: Totally stressed out... oh the politics of it all

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    Default Totally stressed out... oh the politics of it all

    We recently sent out our save the dates and I'm now totally stressed out.

    Anyone else have issues narrowing down their day and evening list? It's my list of friends that is stressing me out.

    I have a few friends who I would count absolutely as friends but due to numbers, might only receive an evening invite. I'm feeling really crap about it all. I'm probably closer to some of these people than other people who are getting a whole day invite because they live super far away.

    And then, do I invite evening guests to the hen do, if they are not full day guests. Is that rude?

    Do I need to explain to everyone my reasoning behind them only getting an evening invite...

    Who should get an evening invite?

    I feel like getting an evening invite might make people think I don't consider them a good friend when really I would rather that they were there than some family members.

    Feeling stressed :&

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    I invited anyone that was invited to the wedding to my hen night, all day or evening. We were pretty limited with space for the ceremony so I said personally to some people, and some people heard through others. I said I'd love to have everyone but with two familys there had to be compromise and I unfortunately couldn't invite everyone. No idea what people said when I was around but everyone I spoke to was understanding,

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    One thing I did realise when wedding planning is who my real friends are! This is YOUR wedding and YOUR big day so it doesn't really matter about what's right or wrong or expected; all that matters is that you do your wedding, your way! You'll regret it if you don't! the day is big enough without worrying about anything else! Invite who you want to be there and remember that those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind! xxx
    Friday 1st May 2015

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