Unfortunately I am just off the phone with a frantic groom whose DJ has canceled on them for their Wedding which is now less than 3 weeks away and he is in a total panic about finding a replacement. Unfortunately I am already booked but have offered to help him find a suitable professional who may be available.

We got into a conversation about budget and it transpired the DJ who booked (who we now know has form for let downs) had offered to do a package of a Wedding disco plus moodlighting for 170 all in! Great deal...if the guy had actually decided to turn up on the night.

Budget is a massive factor in any Wedding and unfortunately it allows some unscrupulous suppliers to try and narrow in by offering amazing deals which never quite come to fruition. I am very fortunate that I have a solid reputation built on the back of years of hard work and thanks to the countless testimonials brides and grooms have left me and I have video and photo evidence online to prove I can fill a dance floor. I am in no way the cheapest Dj around but I am certainly not dearest DJ around either. I like to think I offer good value for money for the experience, level of service and quality of equipment I bring to the night and thankfully with my DJ Mark rating 100% of people who have rated me have stated they felt I offer good value for money and would recommend me to a friend.

I told the groom what my fee was and that is in line with what he should expect to pay for a professional. After a short chat he came to the realisation that if he had budgeted adequately from the start then he wouldn't be in such a panic just now and he is quite happy to meet this budget now if I can put him onto someone who is available. It is a shame he has been left with this mess to clean up. Even if the DJ couldn't manage it he should have back ups and contingencies in place and a few weeks isn't exactly last minute for them to sort a replacement for themselves.

The point of this post (Sorry it is more of a rant but I hate when people get let down) is that there is a big difference between cheapest and value for money. A great deal is only a great deal if it comes through in the end and the old adage of 'If it is too good to be true, it probably is.' really is key when booking any supplier. If your gut tells you something isn't quite right then dig deeper into the supplier, no matter how good a deal you are getting (or think you are getting)

Also unfortunately there are some in the community who think 'tough, if you book cheap that is just your hard luck when something goes wrong'. This in my opinion is also a terrible attitude to have. No one can blame anyone for seeking out a deal or trying to save money where they can. In truth, I got scammed by a supplier at my own Wedding. I hired a company to provide bar flair (you know that kind of thing where they juggle bottles etc. OK it was my wifes idea but I was left in charge of booking it lol) so I found a local company who were very cheap and I thought 'It's just throwing bottles so why would I pay twice as much for another company to do it?', booked and then heard nothing from the company ever again, no receipt, deposit lost and after a short bit of research I discovered they had been letting people all over the place. I was too blinded by the bargain I thought I was getting and lost out. In the end I had to book a company from down south who cost me almost 3 times as much and I wish I had just booked them in the start and saved me all the hassle and worry (plus the lost deposit).

Sorry about the rant but it really bothers me when people get let down. No matter what the price agreed, a supplier should carry out the job they have agreed, at the end of the day it is them who set their own prices, not the Brides and Grooms.

My 2 bits of advice from this is 1) research, research, research, even meet your suppliers if you can before deciding to book and 2) be wary of booking on price alone. Cheapest isn't always best and if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

Sorry, rant over lol

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