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    Hi all! We're having our reception in a hall, so are booking everything separately... really don't want to be worrying about timings on the day or being asked questions, so I'm thinking of hiring a coordinator to keep it all together. Has anyone used one that they could recommend? We're in Tillicoultry, so anywhere in Central Scotland!
    There's no-one available from the hall and we don't want to put it on a family member - they're there to have fun!
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    Ooo this sounds really nice as in these situations its normally the photographer that reluctantly picks up the yoke!

    I think it depends on how you feel and if you know anybody who you think would make a charismatic MC, Also if you get married early in the day timing is so much less stressful.

    Otherwise if you have an experienced photographer they will be no stranger to corralling groups of guests to keep the day flowing.

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    Hi Natasha if it is something along the lines of a master of ceremonies you are looking for I would highly recommend Maurice King!

    He came as part of our booking with our venue but I know he can be booked separately.

    He was honestly absolutely amazing and I don't know what we would have done with him, everything ran perfectly on time and he was so good at not only keeping myself and my husband calm but also the rest of the bridal party / family! Plus he is just the loveliest man

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    If it's not too late - we offer an event support/on the day co-ordination service:

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