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Thread: Ceremony music help!

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    Default Ceremony music help!

    I'm completely stuck! We wanted a particular song for my entrance to be played on the bagpipes. But the piper has said they don't know it so we need to pick something else.

    I'm a bit confused - I thought they would at least try to learn it. It's a song usually played on pipes and I can get them the music.

    I'm a bit worried. I'm a musician and I've played pipe organ at countless weddings. I've always learned what I've been asked to play. Obviously if I didn't think something would sound right I would discuss this with the couple. It feels like we've just to let them play what they want.

    Anyone any advise/experience of this?

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    Which song is it? Did you ask them when you booked them if you could make requests or if they had a set repertoire list? I think like so many wedding suppliers you'll get some who just do what they do without any extra effort whilst others will go the extra mile for you (often reflected in the price but not always!). Obviously as a musician you know what you're talking about and I would also expect any quality supplier to accommodate your request or at the very least provide a decent excuse as to why they couldn't!

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    To be honest I wouldn't be paying for someone who couldn't offer you what you wanted at the end of the day. I had a few suppliers a florist in particular say 'well that's not how we do it here you would need to have it like this' no thanks I'll give my money to someone who is will to provide what I need x

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    Not sure if it's too late, but I used Kevin Premier Pipers and they were really good.

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