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Thread: Table number help?

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    we are trying to do our seating plan and it is destroying my brain! We were originally having round tables of 10...(we have 150 people at the wedding-mad I know). We are struggling to stick to this and now have 7 tables with 12 people, 5 tables with 9 and 2 tables with 10...Is 12 at a round table just too many???

    Any advice would be great because I'm losing my mind lol x

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    Hi Vic, it depends on how big your tables are. We have a couple of 6ft tables that are meant to seat 10, but we pushed them comfortably to 11. We have since stretched them to seat 12 and have been told that the side plates on those ones will have to go above each setting (which really doesn't bother us) but that everyone will still have enough room. Don't know if that's at all helpful. The table plan is hard! I'm so worried someone pulls out now that ours is finished.

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    I personally feel that 12 is too many to have a table but thats just me. I feel with everything that already on the table - all the glasses, cutlery and platesa long with flowers and favours and wine its just too tight. My venue doesnt like to have anymore than 8 to a table which i actually like as it means everyone has alot of space to move and they dont feel squished together at dinner. Its not like your there all night but its atleast a good 2 hours you sit at the table so i want people comfy x

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