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Thread: Don't know where to start

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    Default Don't know where to start

    Hi recently engaged and have no idea where to start . . . Can't decide if to get married here in Scotland or abroad somewhere. Any venue recomendations welcome,

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    Hiya. Congratulations on your engagement.

    It completely depends on what you want to do I'm afraid. If you want a big family wedding then it might be best to stay in Scotland as more people will be able to attend. If you go abroad then you might end up pricing some people out of coming.
    If you want a reasonably small wedding then going abroad is an option.

    I doubt this will have helped very much as it is not really answering your question. Sorry.

    Do you know your date yet??

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    I am so excited for my wedding, however, I think if I was to plan it again with what I know now I'd maybe go abroad-only reason being how much we've had to spend and how much we've done to accommodate guests. It definitely depends on the kind of wedding you would like and the budget you have...we are a DIY rustic barn wedding so my venue recommendations might not be what you are after. Good Luck x

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    Congratulations. That is what you need to decide first I'm afraid before you can move on. Once you do decide do not let anyone talk you out of it, we wanted to go away just the 2 of us then have a big reception back home anyway family found out & we ended up having a small ceremony with immediate family, which we regret, Dont get me wrong I loved our wedding day but there is that regret because we didnt do the ceremony how we wanted so decide & stick to your guns!!

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    Maybe start with a list of Pros and Cons of a wedding at home and a wedding abroad, that might help you see it clear in your mind.
    But do follow your heart! And like the other girls say stick to your guns, and do not let anyone change your mind. Everyone will have their opinions and some people do like to give them, but just keep to your plan.
    My friend has decided to get married abroad and i think some of her family members have had strong opinions about flights etc but im keeping her on track with just sucking it up! x

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    I reckon a pros and cons list is a good start, its also good to roughly draft numbers of guests and approximate prices for things. I defo agree with sticking to your guns, we are having a 6pm ceremony, champagne toast, then into the reception with a late buffet, this has raised some eyebrows because we are 'following the rules' and providing a big slap up meal, but its what suits us and our relationship!

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