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Thread: Our lovely wee day - 23 May 2015

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    Default Our lovely wee day - 23 May 2015

    Yes we are now married! A quick report for all you lovely readers!

    First of all.....

    Dress - Mori Lee Julietta 3166 from Gwenne's of Broxburn

    Bridesmaids - Monsoon

    Veil - Richard Designs

    Venue (ceremony) - St James RC Church Renfrew

    Reception - Social Club in Renfrew

    Caterer - Peter Edmond

    Photographer - Lady Neil Photography

    Cars - private owners

    Kilts - Houstons of Pasiley, and Mcgregor Stewart, Renfrew

    Our build up was much to-ing and fro-ing. I didn't have a planner and organised all details myself while liaising with the manager of the social club.

    Two weeks before the wedding we finished the favours of mini arran aromatics soups in a ivory domed box with ivory ribbon and diamante clasp and for the gents it was two chocolates from the James of Arran chocolate shop in the same style box. For the children I made up goody bags and other gifts.

    During the week leading up to the wedding I picked up my dress, dropped off the table decorations, table plan and evening table decorations at the club. I went over the room layout and met with my caterer to give over the final numbers. We hired a room at a hotel right next door the social club so we had a break out room for the big day too. We had managed to pay everything earlier so there was only a few things still to pay. I sat with envelopes and cash and sorted cash for the cars, organist, priest, cantor, DJ etc etc for the best man to hand out on the day.

    On Thursday night we had our rehearsal at the church, my mum played part of Mother of the Bride and Best Man. She was a total trooper and her reading rehearsal was great too. My best friend (one of my bridesmaids) also had a reading to rehearse. When she's very nervous she comes off very cocky and cheeky. Obviously stepping up to go over the reading, our lovely priest offered a few words of advice (slow down!) and asked her to try again. This time it was 'perfect' our priest said, bridesmaid then winked at priest and give him the cheekiest smile - totally flirting with a man of the cloth! We all burst out laughing and it just set the mood.

    After the rehearsal I nipped along to pick up fresh flowers to leave for the church florist to arrange. She recommend I go to a supermarket, I had budgeted 60 for this but actually only spend 23 and had bought far too much!

    Friday was a really busy day, my silk flowers were picked up and I had a little melt down as I felt my bouquet was a huge ball - after I got someone else to hold them I realised they were in perfect proportion.

    Thankfully my family had arranged to pick up their own kilts so no stress there. My husband decided to let the local kilt shop 'dress' him for the big day as they would get it perfect and it was less stressful.

    I had a final hair trial on Friday whilst getting my roots topped up - I liked some aspects of my hair and actually later when I let more of it down I much preferred it so I took pics to show the hairdressers the next day.

    I packed a bag for overnight at my mums and off I went my final night before becoming a married woman!

    My mum had decided that she didn't want her daughter to walk down the aisle with 'cheap' (her words) earrings so she had decided to buy me 18ct white gold diamond studs - they were so simple and stunning and I finally have the diamond earrings I also hankered for (husband got off the hook there!).

    We had a few drinks and chatted, my dad played waiter and it was nearly 1am before I was 'told' I should get to bed!

    The big day..... to be continued!!

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    Congratulations looking forward to reading the rest of your report x x

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    Sounds like a brilliant pre-wedding day. Hope the rest went as well.

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