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Thread: Who to have on your top table??

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    Question Who to have on your top table??

    I'm really struggling trying to figure out who to have on our top table, both of our parents have split up and aren't on the best of terms (my parents only splitting up 2yrs ago, so it's still a bit awkward) so we've decided to have each parent on their own table of 10 with the people on theirs tables basically being their own choice(within reason of course lol) I have already asked the hotel if there is an opportunity of us having a table for just the two of us but they have said it'd have to be a table of 10, I really wouldn't know who to sit with us?? Does the seating plan only really last for the meal? Does everyone do their own thing for the evening reception?? So many questions but I'm just so confused 🙈

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    The weddings I've been to the table plan only lasts the meal the evening is different as more folk arrive. How about you guys plus yours bridesmaid/best man etc plus partners. I was at one where they had dad of bride and mum of groom plus best mane chief bridesmaid plus partners taking it to 8 and then partners of split parents had their own tables with like their relatives etc. your family need to realise it's whatever makes you happy. Stuff them.

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