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Thread: Were you married in Scotland?

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    Default Were you married in Scotland?

    Hello! Were you married in Scotland? I'm a student at Edinburgh Napier doing my dissertation on the Scottish wedding industry- I'd love to hear how you planned your wedding and what kind of choices you made.

    Please see the link to my survey below if you would like to participate, it only takes around 10 minutes. This research will be used to help professionals in the industry better meet customer demand and to help create a more sustainable wedding industry for everyone.

    Your feedback would be most helpful! Any questions, feel free to post here and I'll get back to you.

    Many thanks, and congratulations!

    Rosie Sim
    Edinburgh Napier University
    International Festival and Event Management

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    Hi Rosie,
    I tried to do your survey but the link is saying survey closed? Just letting you know in case you're unaware. Amanda

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