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Thread: wee 473 day update...

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    Default wee 473 day update...

    Ok...where has the time went!?

    With just a little over a year left to wait for our big day, I am well and truly at the stress stage! Haha! Thank heavens for booze that's all I can say!

    So a wee update...
    we have done alot but still some things to sort!

    Booked our photographer finally! Yay! Shes amazing and so laid back and such a warm personality!

    Booked our lovely humanist, called Les from East Kilbride, poor man has a long journey! we met with him on Saturday in Glasgow and we are over the moon. Such a nice man with the great west coast sense of humour lol! Perfect! We told him our entire history which was long but so lovely to reminisce. We have decided to do hand fasting , something i've always liked the idea of. We are also lighting a candle and he will say a few words for those loved ones who can't be there. Few other things we have to think about like warming the wedding rings etc but super excited and will have the first draft of our script in a couple of weeks! Anyone looking for a humanist, i can definitely recommend Les!

    I have started looking for bridesmaid dresses, so glad the pressures off me finding a dress as I have mine!

    Flowers are done! as are chair covers, candy cart and centre pieces. All with one company, Forget Me Not, which keeps it nice and simple.

    And deposit has been paid on our cake but not picked our design yet (I'm artistic and that makes me fussy!) Haha! So...yeah getting there! Lol just need to do, invitations, rings, favours and bridal party outfits and gifts.

    anyways I'm off to cry at One Born! Haha
    Claire & Darren, Piperdam, July 2016

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    You sound very organised. I found it was the best way to be, do wee bits well in advance & the weeks/days in the lead up will be a breeze

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