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Thread: NWR- should i cancel my henweekend?

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    Default NWR- should i cancel my henweekend?

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    It sounds like your mum and sis went to a big effort to throw you your party and its awful some people just cant be happy. You could suggest you've had a change of heart and would rather have a couple of nights closer to home/one party on a Sat night. But if deposits have been taken and paid im not sure what position you'd be in for refunding people? I also wanted the 'benny henny' but like yourself I pictured everyone totally wasted and just giving themselves a holiday rather than It being 'my weekend' as such. x


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    That's a difficult situation. I wouldn't have my stepmum on my hen anyway but especially not if she behaved like that.

    You have 2 choices, sit her and your dad down and say apologies or not I don't trust you to come on my hen do after your behaviour, here's your deposit back.

    At the end of the day a wee sorry doesn't build back trust that has been lost n

    Or say to all your girls you've decided to keep it at home/do something different. As AFx says what's happening with th deposits do you just have them or have they been paid? Has stuff been booked? Are you gonna end up out of pocket?xxx

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