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Thread: When do you book your makeup?

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    I have been looking at makeup artists today to book for my friends wedding in August (I am BM) and lots of them are already booked for her date. I am not long engaged myself and getting married in 2 years. How far in advance should I be booking my makeup artist??

    I would have thought a few months would have been ok but after my experience in the last few days I am not so sure!

    How far in advance should you book??

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    Hey. It depends if you have someone in mind that you really, really want. I booked mine at the beginning of the year and get married this October. If whoever you wish to book has a diary for 2011 i would book it x

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    Book things as soon as you have your venue and celebrant confirmed and pay a deposit to hold there services, more and more people are booking now for 2011 we are currently trying to find a venue that does what we want and as soon as we find it we will be off and running

    hope this helps


    ps start looking now for a dress as it takes 6months to 1year ahead of time to order what you want

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